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Work Crew

One of the most commonly overlooked elements of a wedding is the set up and tear down. In an effort to keep a budget low, many couples will enlist the help of family and friends to set up the personal effects and DIY projects that truly bring such a vibrant element to their wedding day. While that may work for some, others would benefit from a hired work crew to set up and tear down their precious personal elements, allowing their friends and family to relax and enjoy the day alongside the happy couple. The perks of hiring them through us? We already know your wedding inside and out. Our trusted work crew takes on full design set up and tear down to ensure yet another stress-free element on the best day of your life. Hire the muscle men here.

Custom Builds

We’ve got an ace up our sleeves. Our resident handyman is so much more than the dashing husband of our lead coordinator. He’s also an artist in his own right. With over a decade of construction experience and a bossy helpful, artistic wife, he allows us to offer custom builds for almost any occasion. Have an idea for the perfect bar, but can’t seem to find it anywhere? Want a sweetheart table that you can take home with you? How about a wicked cool photo booth backdrop? We know a guy. Contact us for more details.

Floral Class

Let’s be honest. The cost of a lot of things in the wedding world can be enough to make your head spin, and flowers can be pretty high up there on the list. In an effort to be budget savvy, you’ve decided to make all of the arrangements yourself. But where do you start? What supplies do you need? Why don’t your Trader Joe’s bouquets ever look like the fantastic flowers flooding your feed? That’s where we come in. For a small fee plus the cost of supplies, we bring the flower power party to you. So gather your bridesmaids and mothers for a day of petal-pushing, posy-packing delight. We’ll teach you the latest tips and tricks to make your arrangements blossom into Pinterest-worthy projects. Give us a shout for the deets.

Invitation Design and Assembly

Looking for something a little more than the free printables on Pinterest, but can’t afford a custom design through a graphic artist? Look no further. Working with the bride and groom, we here at JW Coordination find a unique way to make your invitation your own, incorporating personal elements, unique textures, and polished presentation to knock the socks off even the most discriminating of guests. Give us a holler for more information.